Test & Grade Services

There’s more to merchandise than meets the eye. Every piece of product we encounter is thoroughly tested to identify any possible technical failures and vulnerabilities. From here, all equipment receives a final cosmetic grade for immediate resale. The condition of the item is a means to help you set attractive pricing while achieving maximum recovery for inventory.

We repair, test and refurbish the following products:

  • Laptop computers
  • Desktop computers
  • Graphic cards
  • Smartphones
  • Tablet & Kindles
  • Monitors & smartwatches
  • Headphone & Speaker
  • Sound bars & infotainment
  • Consumer appliances
  • TVs, appliances and power tools


We also clean and repackage electronics to bring them as close to factory condition as possible. Our team has refurbished over 200,000+ of pieces of assorted consumer electronics products and has done so to the highest possible quality standards.

Our modern distribution facility is equipped with the latest in refurbishment and retrieval equipment, which enhance our systems and processes and allow us to provide high-quality at a lower cost. Our systems are uniquely scalable, which means operations can be set up in less than 4 weeks. Additionally, Fort Wayne, Indiana’s central location is geographically positioned to ship to most of the US population in one day two days at most.

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