About Us

Since 1987, Midwest Service & Supply Inc. has reverse logistics and distribution business since 1987. From day one, we have focused intently on service and change. We attribute our success to our ability to provide unsurpassed customer service and leverage creative tactics, while applying analytical and innovative approaches to achieve outside-the-box solutions. 

We have held multi-million dollar contracts with some of the nation’s largest retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. We have been consistently selected because of our ability to demonstrate and deliver at the highest level of quality and integrity. Our employees are well trained, highly valued and central to this process.

The human element cannot be overstated. We believe we have risen to this stature because we take great pride in building relationships and providing outstanding service, not just making one-time deals. We begin the process by understanding the specific needs of our customers, which allows us to develop and execute on a custom solution. What can we do for you?


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